Covid-19  compliance measures

To keep you safe while at Full Circle House

For all visitors:

  • Hand sanitizer throughout the building, in all shared areas and meeting rooms. All people coming into the building are required to apply it on entry

  • Disposable masks and gloves are also available if you forget to bring your own

  • Food and drinks served by appropriately trained and equipped staff (no self-service)

  • Daily clean and disinfect of common areas including all surfaces. Thorough disinfect of all spaces between groups. Hourly disinfect of common shared surfaces such as door knobs and handles and WC. Ventilation of meeting rooms during all breaks

For meetings:

  • Personal packs of pen & markers per participant

  • 24 hours between bookings i.e. the meeting room booked by group A on Monday will not be used again before Wednesday

  • Clear markings on the floor and chairs to help participants maintain a distance of 1.5m

  • No buffet menus for the time being. All food servings will be plated and distributed by appropriately equipped serving staff.

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