Cocktails: Negroni

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Negroni 500ml bottle (approx 5 portions) The classic bittersweet cocktail! Our craft cocktails are now available in bottles for takeaways. We always strive to provide you with premium spirits, homemade ingredients such as cordial and syrup, as well as collaborating with local artisans and markets. Type : Bittersweet ABV : 23% Ingredients: Bombay Sapphire, Martini Bitter, Martini Riserva Speciale, Rubino ____ Cocktails by The Modern Alchemist Full Circle is thrilled to partner with The Modern Alchemist, three charming mixologists who share our pioneering spirit and desire to challenge the status quo. Armed with a spirit of curiousity, a refined palatte and a desire to do things differently, they exude understated elegance and consistently produce creations with a refined, poetic edge.
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