Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Name and legal entities 

1.1. Full Circle consists of Full Circle ASBL and Full Circle SPRL whose registered offices are at 89 Chaussée de Vleurgat, 1050 Brussels and are hereafter referred to as "Full Circle".

1.2. IDEAS activities fall under Full Circle ASBL, registered under VAT number BE0535.836.314.

1.3. All other activities fall under Full Circle SPRL, registered under VAT number BE0694.676.584. 

1.4. All contracts concluded by Full Circle SPRL and Full Circle ASBL are subject to Belgian law. In case of dispute, only the French speaking court of Brussels will be competent.

2. Purpose  

Full Circle is a home for a diverse community of people who contribute to positive change, a platform to connect good ideas with the power to carry them out. We offer a carefully curated ideas & culture programme and a beautifully designed space where people can meet socially and professionally. 

3. Membership  

3.1. Full Circle membership is by invitation or enquiry. 

3.2. Membership must be applied for online at

3.3. Prospective members must be 18 years at the time of application. 

3.4. It is preferred that an existing member acts as a proposer and puts forward the application (however it is not essential). 

3.5. Prospective members will be invited to meet with the membership manager. They will be shown around the house and the rules will be discussed. A decision will be made once the application form has been duly completed.

3.6. Full Circle reserves the right to refuse the membership request without justification.

3.7. Membership application implies the commitment to pay the member fee.

3.8. Membership begins on the date of receipt of the application for Full Circle membership and is valid from the first payment as long as the yearly or monthly membership fees are paid in due time. 

3.9. The member receives an email containing website login and password which can be used to connect to the community platform at to complete or modify personal and professional information, and to register for Full Circle activities.

4. Membership fees and renewal  

4.1. Full Circle has several membership categories with varying Membership Fees and Membership Benefits. 

4.2. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Full Circle absorbs the VAT for members who are not VAT registered in Belgium.

4.3. The invoice is sent to the member through our CRM system, mentioning as the start date of membership the same date as that of the day of his application for membership.

4.4. Full Circle is authorized to adapt its prices at any time in the event of a change in the amount of VAT.

4.5. Membership fees are reduced in price for young people under 30 at the time of application. Their reduced rate membership is valid until the date of their 30th birthday.

4.6. There is no registration fee for first time membership. Lapsed members who wish to renew their membership will be asked to cover a supplementary fee for administrative costs.

4.7. Monthly membership is automatically renewed monthly. Members with a monthly membership plan do not receive a notice for their monthly renewal.

4.8. Yearly membership is automatically renewed yearly. Members with a yearly membership plan receive a notice, two weeks prior to the renewal date, that the automatic renewal of their yearly membership fee is due. 

5. Membership cancellation and sabbaticals  

5.1. Membership must be cancelled by email prior to the renewal date. Membership levels can be amended during an ongoing period. Only written notice (by email) will be accepted in order to cancel a membership. Monthly fees and upfront annual fees are non refundable, nor any exemptions from payment of the sums due. 

5.2. In case of illness or prolonged absence, a member may by email request a sabbatical of six-months to one year from the membership (with a suspension of all membership benefits and membership fees – except the membership fees which have accrued prior to the date of the sabbatical). 

5.3. In the case of maternity or paternity leave, a member may request by email a sabbatical for up to six months (with a suspension of membership fees). 

5.4. Full Circle retains sole discretion over whether to grant a member a sabbatical from their Membership. 

6. Registration for activities  

6.1. Full Circle organizes activities that are public, and activities that are reserved for either all members, for AFTERWORK and ANYTIME members only, or for ANYTIME members only. 

6.2. Members can participate in activities restricted to members as soon as the membership fee has been paid, and if membership fees are paid in due time.

6.3. Registration for activities can only be done through the Full Circle website, The website will automatically indicate if a member has sufficient access to register for an event.

6.4. Admission fees are automatically adapted according to the membership level.

6.5. Members can register up to two guests at membership rates. 

6.6. Members and non-members who register for an activity automatically receive an email confirming the registration.

6.7. They can modify their registration using their website login and password.

6.8. A registration reminder is sent no later than 8 hours before the event for which they registered.

6.9. Cancellation policy: tickets are fully reimbursed in case of cancellation up to 48 hours prior to the event, and reimbursed 50% in case of cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the event. 

7. Admission to Full Circle House  

7.1. Full Circle IDEAS members and their guests only have access to the House during the IDEAS events for which they registered. 

7.2. Full Circle AFTERWORK members and their guests have access to the House from 6pm until 10pm (or closing time) on weekdays and from 9am until 10pm on weekends.

7.3. Full Circle ANYTIME members and their guests have access to the House on every day from 9am until 10pm (or closing time).

7.4. Members and their guests must sign in and out on every visit to the House. 

7.5. Members may invite up to 5 guests (more by arrangement). All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. If a member leaves the Club, their guests must leave with them. Members are responsible for their guests conduct and all must abide by the Rules, failure to do so will put your membership into review. 

7.6. The Manager on duty may refuse entry to any member and their guest to the Club at their absolute discretion. 

7.7. No food or beverages from outside are permitted to be consumed in the Club. 

8. Conduct of members  

8.1. On each visit to the House, members will pay any account due for food and drinks before leaving the House. 

8.2. No member shall remove, damage or destroy any artwork, item of furniture or any other articles belonging to the Club. 

8.3. If a member or their guest causes the loss, damage or destruction of any such property as described above (9.2), the member shall bear full responsibility for making good all resulting in any loss. 

8.4. Full Circle observes a zero-tolerance policy to drugs. If any member or other user is found in possession of, or using, illegal drugs or volatile substances, they will be asked to leave with a termination of membership. If they do not leave, the police will be called. 

8.5. Laptops, electronic devices as well as any professional material will be asked to be put away after 6pm. 

8.6. Phone calls are not allowed in the 1st floor lounge after 6pm. 

8.7. No pictures are to be taken on the premises at anytime.

9. Conduct of guests

9.1. Members introducing guests are wholly responsible for their conduct and ensure that their guests abide by the Full Circle Rules. 

9.2. A member should inform the House of their guests’ early arrival, as admittance to the House shall not be permitted otherwise. 

9.3. Guests may not remain in the House once the member has left the premises. 

10. Misconduct

10.1. Anyone working for Full Circle can at any time refuse access, or temporarily suspend membership, for any member or guest whose conduct, in their opinion, might be injurious to the character or interest of Full Circle or render him / her unfit to associate with other members.

10.2. Full Circle reserves the right to revoke the membership for reasons valid in its eyes and to terminate an affiliation directly without restitution of any payment.

10.3. Any incident that may occur in the House or immediately outside the premises that involves a member, or the guest of a member, should be reported immediately to the manager on duty. 

10.4. Aggressive or abusive behaviour towards staff, members or guests of members will not be tolerated, and expulsion of the House will be immediate. 

11. Members' property, pets, and bikes

11.1. Property entrusted by a member or his guest to a member of staff for safe custody, or any other purpose does so entirely at their own risk. 

11.2. Any items found in the House after closing will be held for 28 days from the date found and then disposed of. 

11.3. We would like to remind our pet owner members that Full Circle is a pet-free House.

11.4. Bicycles are to be parked outside the House. No bikes are allowed in the hall or anywhere else in the House.

12. Privacy

12.1. Full Circle complies with the laws on privacy and data protection. For more details, please consult the Full Circle Privacy Policy

13. Photos

13.1. Photos taken by Full Circle during its activities will be used by Full Circle to communicate through its website, newsletter, and social media channels.

13.2. Member who does not wish to appear on these photos must notify Full Circle by email to

13.3. The photo that the member can upload in the members area of the Full Circle website will be used for the Full Circle directory as long as it meets the criteria indicated.

14. Liability

14.1. Full Circle declines all responsibility towards its members or any third party, with the exception of:

      • its possible liability towards its members in the event of intent or serious misconduct on the part of Full Circle
      • its possible liability in the event of death or bodily injury of its members due to the act or negligence of Full Circle.

14.2. All members are personally responsible for their personal effects.

14.3. Neither the company nor its employees can be held responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of personal effects inside the House.

15. Alteration of the terms & conditions 

Any or all of these rules may be revoked, supplemented or altered by company at any time and all members will be notified within 14 days of any such change.

16. Binding effect of these terms & conditions 

Every member shall be bound by these terms & conditions.

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