#2,  31 March 2020     

Perspectives from Social Anthropology, Political science and Communications

(with Albena Asmanova, Stephen Coleman & Thomas Hylland Eriksen) 

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Welcome to issue 2 of the Full Circular. Our goal at Full Circle has always been to enact change, but if the last few weeks remind us of anything, it’s of how often the big changes in our lives are not the ones that we have actively pursued: much of the daily flow of our lives is out of our hands but, rather than blithely accepting this, such changes are often a rallying cry to adapt and manage what we can influence. 

This week, we’re looking back to Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s strategies for dealing with accelerated change, and Mariella Frostrup on campaigning for gender equality. To lighten things up, Lizzie then shares an effortless no-knead bread recipe that’s perfect for anyone ready to dip their toes into the water of bread making.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Coping with Accelerated Change  

In an overheated world - and we’re not just talking about climate change - is there an alternative to the endless acceleration we witness in every area of our daily lives, and the resentment that comes with it? There is no simple answer, but tackling these unintentional side-effects of globalisation is the single most important question of our times. 

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Mariella Frostrup 

Gender Matters

As much as we like to tout the progress and greater equality between men and women in the western world - there is still a great deal of work to be done. Broadcaster, writer and campaigner Mariella Frostrup explores why gender stereotypes are so persistent in today’s world, and what we, as individuals and a society, can do about it.   

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Members share...

Bruno Selun & Denis Postle

Our members are keeping busy, and offering helpful advice and distraction for you all too. Full Circle member Bruno Selun is offering a PDF of tips for organising remote work, email templates, and will soon host bi-weekly drop-in sessions to offer guidance for those working from home or struggling with remote meetings - more info here. Recent member Denis Postle has also released an arresting feature film, Climate Tsunami, about the devastating impact of climate change on our societies.  

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Lizzie Baked This

No Knead Bread Recipe

An unexpected side-effect of the corona outbreak has been the increased number of people catching the baking bug. This effortless no-knead bread is a pain-free introduction to baking with yeast, and is sure to impress whoever you’re in lockdown with.

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