Full Circle Membership

Reflective, creative, supportive, collaborative, productive, progressive... Full Circle members are a special breed. The Full Circle crowd cuts across sectors, ages, backgrounds and nationalities. It is open-minded, international, multi-disciplinary, and shares a commitment to innovation, progress and generally being part of the solution. Being a member of Full Circle means you share this spirit, and are interested in the spread of ideas, intelligent debate, and a link to action. 

Which type of member are you?

Ideas Membership 

Full Circle IDEAS is an original way to broaden and deepen your own thoughts and opinions, through fun interactions with other bright sparks.
Enjoy an unrivalled programme of encounters with inspiring thinkers and do-ers. And create useful follow up to, or outcomes from, your exchanges.

Annual Fee: €150 / €100 / €75 

House Membership

Full Circle HOUSE is a home from home, for members to drop in daytime or evening, alone or with guests. You can enjoy the spaces, the food and drink, the company, and the events.
Social House members can access the place during evenings and weekends. 
Professional House members can use the building at all times. 

Annual Fee:  €600 / €1200

Millennium Club Membership (for 14-18 year-olds)

Full Circle MILLENNIUM is for young adults from all corners of Brussels, to be inspired by our accomplished international speakers, but also to support each other. Come to meet, discuss, and challenge each other on pertinent topics, in a relaxed setting. 

Millennium Club membership is FREE.

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