Full Circle PROFESSIONAL Membership

Full Circle PROFESSIONAL membership is designed for a curated group of professionals, who'd like to use Full Circle House as a working base, and exchange, share and collaborate with others in the group.

We are seeking to build our first core group of co-working professionals. 

Are you
 an independent consultant or freelancer...

- working in a field which has a direct or indirect planetary or societal benefit
- in any of the following roles: policy / advocacy / entrepreneurship / finance / creative / tech / comms
- and are generally collaborative, 
open to creative ways of doing things, and nice to be around?

Are you looking for:
a stunning shared-working environment (in the Flagey-Louise area of Brussels) 
with a hand-picked group of others who can nourish and collaborate with you in your work 
- with all the professional and social trimmings you might need?

Then apply to be one of the first, in our new House working space.


We are opening up our fully equipped designer shared working spaces, with access to the members' lounge.  Meeting rooms (of all sizes) can be booked separately. 
Access to all Full Circle events are included.

We are also open to collaborating on some areas of our programme. 

Since we are experimenting, the membership commitment is monthly.
We'll only go ahead if we have enough of the right people to make it interesting for all concerned. 

 Interested? Let's start a conversation.

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During our transformation period, some parts of our House spaces and service-offering may be unavailable for short periods.

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